Corporate Mission

Provide winning customized solutions  for in situ optical monitoring and intelligent process control


Who Are We?

  • Providing patented platform technology for process control based on predictive modeling
  • Custom solutions for advanced manufacturing and product quality control
  • Received over $3 million in SBIR funding for innovative process control solutions
  • Selected as one of 100 Best University Startups in USA in 2010 and 2012

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AccuStrata Publishes Detailed Technology Overview of AtOMS System

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Rockville, MD, April, 2019: AccuStrata has published a detailed technology report for current and prospective customers of the fiber optic-based AtOMS atomic absorption / optical emission system for monitoring PVD…

AccuStrata Receives Contract for Development of Portable Spectroscopic System

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Rockville, MD, March 2019:  In the second half of 2018, AccuStrata contractually developed a new technology platform for in situ monitoring of extraction and purification of essential oils. The new platform is now being…

AccuStrata Posts Record Revenue, exceeds 50% Commercial Revenue

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Rockville, MD, February, 2019: 2018 was one of the most successful years for AccuStrata. The company achieved record revenue and, for the first time, the revenue received from commercial sources…

DoE SBIR Phase I Grant Awarded for Monitoring Catalyst Synthesis

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Rockville, MD, June, 2018: AccuStrata received a new Department of Energy SBIR Phase I award for development of novel technology for combinatorial discovery of catalysts in the combustion process.   In this…

About AccuStrata

AccuStrata is a leader in real-time in situ process monitoring, predictive modeling, and adaptive control for next-generation lean product manufacturing. Our platform technology consists of software, hardware, proprietary processes, and intellectual property to improve performance and optimize manufacturing process to maximize production yield.

The company’s historical market focus is on thin-film based technologies such as solar, LED, functional glass, precision optics, lasers, etc. AccuStrata holds groundbreaking intellectual property for predictive modeling and advanced manufacturing, registered in the USA, EU, and Asia. The company has been awarded multiple government contracts for process control and optimization of Cleantech product manufacturing.

AccuStrata sells and installs process diagnostic equipment on customers’ manufacturing lines and licenses predictive modeling software and technologies for process improvement.

Our History

AccuStrata is a graduate company from the University of Maryland business incubator (2010) and is a member of Parklawn Business Park in Rockville, MD, located in the Washington, D.C. metro area.

The company founders are several distinguished professionals in optics, semiconductors and thin film technology, and business entrepreneurship. Dr. George Atanasoff is a founder and the president of the company. Dr. Marc Epstein is a founder and the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Among the other founders are Steve Seiden, Serge Gagolin, Edmund Ruffin and Veska Kita. The company has raised private funding, funding from Maryland TEDCO and the University of Maryland.

In 2009 the company received SBIR funding from the National Science Foundation and the Environmental Protection Agency and began developing in situ optical monitoring and predictive modeling technology for the solar industry. Its first technology demonstration was performed in 2009 at a USA manufacturer of amorphous silicon thin film solar panels. In 2010, the technology was expanded into the manufacturing of crystalline silicon solar cells. The company signed a large customer contract with a crystalline silicon solar manufacturer in India. In 2011, the company expanded its technology into the manufacturing of low-E coatings for architectural windows. A new thin film anti-reflective coating for crystalline silicon was developed and successfully showcased in Tempe, AZ.

AccuStrata has developed a patented platform technology consisting of software and hardware in order to improve performance and optimize manufacturing yield of a variety of products using in situ monitoring, next-generation predictive modeling, and adaptive process control.

The company has raised private equity and received over $3 million in federal and state grants for the development of its technology. During the last 4 years, the company has been focused on multiple Cleantech products and applications: Solar, Energy Efficient Windows and High Brightness Light Emitting Diodes (HB-LEDs). Currently the company is expanding its marketing effort in biotechnology and food safety markets.