Our Corporate Mission

Provide winning customized solutions for in situ optical monitoring and intelligent process control

AccuStrata is a leader in R&D of customized solutions for in situ optical monitoring and intelligent process control for surface modification applications such as thin film deposition, etching, printing and polishing. We specialize in working with our clients, shoulder to shoulder, to develop solutions that are specially tailored for the customer’s unique application and hardware. AccuStrata brings together an exceptional team of scientists and engineers with long careers in optics, thin film design and deposition, spectroscopy, fiber optics and software development. We are prepared to go the extra mile for our customers to understand specific needs and offer a unique solution.

Our in situ optical monitoring and process control technology platform is differentiated by the following:

  • Deployment of broadband optical monitoring from the deep ultraviolet to mid infrared spectrum, depending on the customer specific application.
  • R, T, R/T, scattering, polarimetry, Raman, atomic spectroscopy, spectral imaging, fluorescence and other monitoring techniques.
  • Direct optical monitoring of the processed samples using our proprietary sample triggering technology.
  • Installation of miniature fiber optics sensors at the most process-critical locations, frequently inside the processing equipment.
  • Distributed (multi-position) monitoring by multiple sensors and perpetual comparison of the locations to ensure uniformity of the monitored parameters.
  • Real time monitoring of film thickness, optical constants, bandgap, film composition, color, group delay, transfer function and others.
  • Real time monitoring of the film homogeneity (depth profile) and spatial uniformity.
  • Iterative prediction and perpetual parameter validation algorithms.
  • Multivariate analysis and predictive process modeling to ensure product conformity to the required product specification.

Our products and predictive modeling algorithms are covered by several USA and EU patents.

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