AtOMS-Atomic Absorption/Optical Emission Spectroscopy System

The latest advances in atomic spectroscopy open new opportunities for in-situ monitoring and control of deposition rates and chemical composition of growing films during PVD processes. Our patented Atomic Absorption/Optical Emission Spectroscopy technology combines advanced detection components with modern fiber optic sensors to provide an accurate and versatile technology for film deposition rate and composition measurement. AtOMS is an advanced alternative to traditional quartz crystal monitoring and direct optical monitoring of the substrate.

The Product

AtOMS-Atomic Absorption/Optical Emission Spectroscopy

Test Capabilities

  • Simultaneously monitors deposition rate, film quality and composition.
  • Monitors any material: metals, alloys, opaque materials, semiconductors and dielectrics
  • Installation inside the deposition chamber next to the substrates is optional
  • Fiber optics based solution allows installation on any chamber geometry without chamber re-design
  • Multi-beam measurement close to substrate allows in-situ control of film uniformity
  • Simultaneous measurements of atomic absorption and optical emission for precise film control
  • Optical components uniquely designed to prevent sensor contamination
  • Works with any substrate shape and rotation, incl. planetary
  • Reduced maintenance and cost compared to quartz crystal and optical monitors

 Our Advantage

  • Simultaneous multi-element deposition rate monitoring
  • Elemental concentration monitoring of multi-element depositions
  • Monitoring of 4+ elements simultaneously and derives film deposition rate and chemical composition
  • Best for PVD applications and ion etching.
  • >60 different chemical elements can be monitored
  • Monitoring extremely thin films (<3 nm)
  • Monitoring extremely thick films and coatings (>100 um)
  • Monitoring very high deposition rates (1 nm/sec and beyond)
  • Deposition rate accuracy of 0.005 Å/sec
  • Film composition accuracy of 0.1 atomic % for compound thin films

Developed in part for the US Department of Energy.

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