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AccuStrata Publishes Detailed Technology Overview of AtOMS System

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Rockville, MD, April, 2019: AccuStrata has published a detailed technology report for current and prospective customers of the fiber optic-based AtOMS atomic absorption / optical emission system for monitoring PVD thin film deposition and ion etching. The AtOMS system offers simultaneous monitoring of deposition rate, film quality and composition during multi-element deposition. The fiber-based design allows for easy retrofitting of existing PVD and etch tools. Users can find the full report at HERE.

AccuStrata Receives Contract for Development of Portable Spectroscopic System

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Rockville, MD, March 2019:  In the second half of 2018, AccuStrata contractually developed a new technology platform for in situ monitoring of extraction and purification of essential oils. The new platform is now being utilized by AccuStrata’s spin-off company Arometrix in its commercial product:  The Fraction Finder ™. The platform comprises a spectroscopic sensor with customizable light sources,  broad spectrum detectors, display module and user friendly software.

Recently AccuStrata signed a new customer contract for development of a novel portable spectroscopic system for fast detection of proteins and pathogens in the healthcare industry. The technical approach utilizes similar platform as Arometrix’s Fraction Finder, to minimize the non-recurrent engineering expenses while serving a new market vertical as well as adding a new technological innovation to our product platform. The new system will significantly reduce unit cost to the end user by deploying AccuStrata’s expertise in the optical in situ metrology and predictive analytics software. By deploying miniature optical components, instantaneous spectrum capture and no moving parts, the system is significantly smaller and faster than the traditional bench-top systems without compromising performance. The software provides for faster reading, simple interpretation and advanced data post-processing for convenient use by the medical personnel at the hospitals.

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AccuStrata Posts Record Revenue, exceeds 50% Commercial Revenue

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Rockville, MD, February, 2019: 2018 was one of the most successful years for AccuStrata. The company achieved record revenue and, for the first time, the revenue received from commercial sources other than the US federal contracts surpassed the federal sources. This is a key milestone for all companies targeting SBIR funding. Some of the larger commercial customers during 2018 were a process control company and a large semiconductor foundry. New technical concepts for future products have been developed and new markets that can potentially position the company for continuous success have been identified.

Monitoring and control of chemical composition of InGaN layers during MOCVD

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Metal-Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) epitaxial processes are used to deposit the GaN, InGaN, AlGaN and other wide band-gap semiconductor thin films making up the buffer, quantum well, and cap layers of the next generation high-brightness LEDs (HB-LEDs) for Solid State Lighting (SSL). Non-uniformity of the central wavelength over the wafers, run-to-run and reactor-to-reactor non-repeatability are primary contributors to reduced manufacturing yield. On the epitaxial level, non-uniform device performance results from the variations of chemical composition and thickness of the individual InGaN quantum well layers. Being extremely thin, the individual quantum well layers remain beyond the resolution of the standard optical monitoring techniques. Read More

Advanced broad spectrum endpoint detection technology for stripping and etching systems

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Advances in computational and spectroscopic technology have created great opportunity to produce an endpoint detection system that can accurately and reliably determine the endpoint of a process at relatively low cost. Availability of such a system is hindered by the saturation of the endpoint market by old, expensive technology that corners the market. AccuStrata is developing a breakthrough endpoint detection system that will exhibit superior performance over current major market players, as well as offer advanced data interpretation for more accurate and reliable performance. Read More

Wire handheld Fluorometer and Rapid Awareness for Bacteria detection

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Despite significant advances in communal hygiene practices and food safety measures, foodborne illness is still a significant and deadly issue in the United States. The largest barriers to widespread foodborne illness detection are time to detection, speed of information dissemination and cost of testing. To achieve a wide reaching foodborne illness detection network, a system is needed that implements state-of-the-art network communication, biological detection methods and modern portable system technology. Read More

Fiber-optic Based Distributed Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy for Film Growth Monitoring

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rd2AccuStrata is utilizing its expertise in thin film growth monitoring and optical system design to create a breakthrough AAS product, installable on a variety of PVD systems, to provide accurate and reliable deposition rate measurements for dynamic feedback control of the PVD systems. The system comprises two major parts – a reconfigurable hardware module located outside the PVD and a portable fiber-optic-based distributed monitoring frame installed in the area surrounding the deposited substrate. Read More