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AccuStrata Receives Contract for Development of Portable Spectroscopic System

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Rockville, MD, March 2019:  In the second half of 2018, AccuStrata contractually developed a new technology platform for in situ monitoring of extraction and purification of essential oils. The new platform is now being utilized by AccuStrata’s spin-off company Arometrix in its commercial product:  The Fraction Finder ™. The platform comprises a spectroscopic sensor with customizable light sources,  broad spectrum detectors, display module and user friendly software.

Recently AccuStrata signed a new customer contract for development of a novel portable spectroscopic system for fast detection of proteins and pathogens in the healthcare industry. The technical approach utilizes similar platform as Arometrix’s Fraction Finder, to minimize the non-recurrent engineering expenses while serving a new market vertical as well as adding a new technological innovation to our product platform. The new system will significantly reduce unit cost to the end user by deploying AccuStrata’s expertise in the optical in situ metrology and predictive analytics software. By deploying miniature optical components, instantaneous spectrum capture and no moving parts, the system is significantly smaller and faster than the traditional bench-top systems without compromising performance. The software provides for faster reading, simple interpretation and advanced data post-processing for convenient use by the medical personnel at the hospitals.

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AccuStrata Posts Record Revenue, exceeds 50% Commercial Revenue

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Rockville, MD, February, 2019: 2018 was one of the most successful years for AccuStrata. The company achieved record revenue and, for the first time, the revenue received from commercial sources other than the US federal contracts surpassed the federal sources. This is a key milestone for all companies targeting SBIR funding. Some of the larger commercial customers during 2018 were a process control company and a large semiconductor foundry. New technical concepts for future products have been developed and new markets that can potentially position the company for continuous success have been identified.

DoE SBIR Phase I Grant Awarded for Monitoring Catalyst Synthesis

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Rockville, MD, June, 2018: AccuStrata received a new Department of Energy SBIR Phase I award for development of novel technology for combinatorial discovery of catalysts in the combustion process.   In this grant, AccuStrata will work with researchers from the University of South Carolina to create a control and discovery system for high-throughput flame spray pyrolysis (FPS) system. The system will facilitate the rapid, combinatorial discovery and optimization of heterogeneous catalysts using the flame spray pyrolysis synthesis technique. The proposed work involves  optimization and operation of the high-throughput FSP system that is uniquely capable of creating solid solution catalysts more rapidly and with greater purity than other techniques.   The system will integrate AccuStrata’s in-situ laser induced breakdown spectroscopy system, which is capable of monitoring the particle synthesis in real-time to provide critical information that can be used in conjunction with advanced machine learning algorithm that will utilize process parameters, metrology data and post-synthesis characterization data to discover critical signatures within the emission spectra that can help narrow material search space and speed up materials discovery.

Commercial Interest for AccuStrata’s AtOMS System

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Rockville, MD, June, 2018: AccuStrata starts the commercial installation of its AtOMS product in several industrial facilities in the USA for monitoring and control of epitaxial thin films, Extreme UV Lithography mirrors and super-alloy thin films. The company considers this commercial interest as an encouraging sign of wider acceptance of our patented Atomic Absorption / Optical Emission Spectroscopy technology in separate industrial verticals as a novel 21-century solution for in situ process control, which is poised to replace traditional quartz crystal monitoring and optical spectroscopy monitoring. AtOMS technology is capable of monitoring and control of thin films of almost any type and configuration, such as extreme thin films (below 50 Angstrom), very complex multi-layer film stacks comprising thousand of individual thin films, compound materials and alloys, optically opaque films, interface layer formation, patterned films, and films where traditional in situ process control solutions are not applicable.

AccuStrata Sequential DoE SBIR Phase IIB Contract for AtOMS System

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Rockville, MD, May, 2018:  We are pleased to announce that AccuStrata has been awarded a Department of Energy SBIR sequential Phase IIB contract worth $1 Million for validation of its Atomic Absorption/Optical Emission Spectroscopy system AtOMS into several separate industrial applications such as Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography and Aerospace industry. The latest AtOMS product is capable of monitoring and control of the atomic concentration of up to 4 individual chemical elements in the vacuum deposition zone next to the deposited substrate/wafer for precise control of the individual deposition rates of the elements and the chemical composition of the growing film. In addition, the patented fiber-optics solution can perform monitoring using up to 3 probe beams simultaneously, arranged in a radial or parallel configuration for monitoring of the spatial distribution of the deposition process to precisely control the uniformity of the film growth. These AtOMS capabilities offer unique process control benefits during thin film deposition and etching of complex compound materials such as InGaN, YBCO, CIGS and high entropy alloy films. The system also offers a new solution for in situ control of coating quality on substrates with curved or odd shapes as well as substrates performing very fast rotation or complex rotation such as planetary or other rotation or movement during deposition.

AccuStrata Awarded SBIR Phase I Contract for Advanced Environmental Monitoring System

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In keeping with its ability to innovate, AccuStrata has been awarded yet another $225K DoE SBIR contract for its proposed work in the creation of a field deployable in situ Excitation Emission Matrix Spectroscopy System for groundwater quality monitoring . In this work, AccuStrata will redefine environmental monitoring by creating a groundwater monitoring system that can uniquely identify organic and inorganic pollutants in the natural underground waterways to act as a first line of defense against human exposure to hazardous contamination. The work begins in February and will yet again reinforce AccuStrata’s position as a leader in customized portable optical monitoring solutions.