Custom Solutions

Our first spectrometers were designed to solve application challenges. Today, those applications challenges have expanded in scale and variety, inspiring new levels of innovation and creativity. Just as our customers’ needs and knowledge base have become more sophisticated over time, so too have our capabilities and product portfolio. Throughout, our focus has remained the same: to empower science and industry through collaborative problem-solving.

It Starts with a Conversation

Just as you know your field, we know our technology. Designing a system from modular components is a collaborative process, which is why we begin by asking you about your application. Our applications knowledge has been growing steadily for over 25 years, fed by some of the brightest scientific and engineering minds in the world.

We Select the Right Tools

Once we understand your application, we can work together to select the right components to create a solution. Our toolkit includes spectrometers, light sources, accessories, and optical fibers that span the UV through NIR. Every component is selected with your application in mind to create a solution, not just a system

Partnership / We Become Partners

We believe technical support goes beyond software and hardware. Our expertise is just a phone call away, ready to help you troubleshoot and optimize your measurements. We also want to know when you succeed. We want to hear about your ingenious solutions to the problems facing today’s world, and we’ll share them with others on our website, in our newsletters, and through our Applications Blog.


LetĀ Your Voice DriveĀ Our Innovation

In reading this collection of applications addressing problems of global significance, we hope you’ve begun to see why we’re so passionate about spectroscopy. It’s why we come to work each day, and why we treat each new application like our own.

Understanding your problems and needs is what drives our new products and expands our knowledge. In collaborating with us, you make us better. That is how science works. One idea sparks another and the flame brightens. We want to hear what you are doing, and how we can be better.

Send us your ideas and feedback at info@accustrata

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