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AccuStrata’s flagship OM2 series of in situ optical monitoring systems is used for broadband monitoring the surface of fast moving or rotating substrates. It operates in the range 190 – 1,100 nm or as required by the user. OM2 performs in situ characterization of each substrate by film thickness, optical constants, bandgap, chemical composition, color coordinates and others depending on the customer specific need. It is used in CVD, PVD and ALD equipment.

[table caption=”” colwidth=”50|100″ colalign=”left|center”] Measurement,Details
Spectral Range,400-1000nm
Optical Resolution,400-1000nm ~1nm FWHM
Source Type, High Powered Tungsten-Halogen
Nominal Bulb Power,20W
Source Lifetime,1000 hour (typical)
Warm-up Time,~15 minutes
Power Requirements,100-120V | 50-60Hz
Connection Type, USB type B
Dimensions,11”x 8” x 4.5”


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