OMIR series of products is a multi-sensor (up to 6 sensors) in situ optical monitoring tool operating in the range from 380 – 1,000 nm and 900 – 2,100 nm. The fiber optics based sensors are installed at process critical location in line or inside the thin film deposition chamber. OMIR is specifically designed for distributed (multi-point) monitoring and control of thin film deposition of compound materials such as CIGS, YBCO, InGaAs, AlGaInN and others. The system targets the solar, LED and low-E architectural windows manufacturers.  


AccuStrata’s flagship OM2 series of in situ optical monitoring systems is used for broadband monitoring the surface of fast moving or rotating substrates. It operates in the range 190 – 1,100 nm or as required by the user. OM2 performs in situ characterization of each substrate by film thickness, optical constants, bandgap, chemical composition, color coordinates and others depending on the customer specific need. It is used in CVD, PVD and ALD equipment.


The latest advances in atomic spectroscopy open new opportunities for in-situ monitoring and control of deposition rates and chemical composition of growing films during PVD processes. Our patented AAS/OES technology combines advanced detection components with modern fiber optic sensors to provide an accurate and versatile technology for film deposition rate and composition measurement that is an advanced alternative to traditional quartz crystal monitoring and direct optical monitoring of the substrate.

Fluorotek 200

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The Fluorotek 200 is a low-cost fluorescence-based bacterial monitor. Using two light sources and custom designed enzyme assays, Fluorotek is able to detect a wide range of bacteria such as major Gram Negative, Aerobic Bacteria , and Total Aerobic Bacteria. The Fluorotek 200 can be used in a variety of context such as healthcare, water and sanitation testing, farms, and veterinary facilities. AccuStrata will supply the entire test kit, which, along with the device, includes the assay for your bacteria of interest.